Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Common Questions Regarding Crypto Pros


What is is an advertising and marketing tools platform that provides participants with the ability to earn commissions in the system by referring others to

What do I get by purchasing at

Each purchase provides the member with a 14 day banner and text ad.

Can I earn without referrals?

Yes! But, of course, in any good online business you want to make referrals to generate the most income and leverage.

Are there benefits to making referrals?

Yes, your income will grow faster and you will also earn a 100% direct referral matrix matching bonus.

What is the direct referral matching bonus?

You will earn a 100% match of the matrix income generated by each of your direct referrals. If your referral earns $100 in matrix income you also earn $100.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin.

Why don’t you accept credit cards or Paypal?

Both credit cards and Paypal are expensive to accept and have the risk of chargeback which puts the company at risk. Cryptocurrencies are “Non-recourse” meaning there is no risk of chargeback and loss to the company.

How and how often do you pay commissions?

Commissions are paid daily (M-F) within 24-48 hours of request via Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin. If the company has a shortage of one coin and a surplus of a particular coin we may request you accept the commissions payment in a different coin; such as, Bitcoin instead of Litecoin, to avoin high exchange fees.

What is the minimum withdrawal?


Is there a withdrawal fee?

Yes, the withdrawal fee is generally $3.00 to cover the fees that are charged to us by our payment processor, When our fees rise we will occasionally need to increase the w/d fee and will clearly disclose this on the withdrawal page.

Can I earn as a free member?

Yes, by making referrals you will earn a 100% match on the matrix income generated by your direct referral(s)

Is there a disadvantage to referring as a free member?

Yes, if your referral joins and purchases before you they will be placed in the matrix ahead of you and you will never, EVER be able to earn matrix commissions from them.

Is the 2 x 20 matrix personal or company forced?

Crypto Pros is a personal forced matrix, but with a twist. Members can and will have multiple matrix positions because each $2 ad pack purchase creates a new matrix position. The first matrix position follows the members sponsor and each additional matrix position follows the member and is placed in the member's own matrix in the first available open position. These multiple matrix positions allows the member to create tremendous leverage in the 2 x 20 matrix and increase their potential income.

Is there a PIF system?

Yes, Crypto Pros will have a PIF System. At any time a member can PIF their personal referrals, but Crypto Pros will also have an additional function in its PIF System for those that prefer to purchase referrals instead of promote. When a member registers they have 14 days to upgrade or be PIF’ed by their sponsor. This only requires the purchase of one $2 ad pack to move the member from Free to Paid or Active Status. After 14 days all email verified registered free members will be made available for any member to PIF or purchase their first ad pack. Doing so will secure the member as a paid referral and place them into the paying members downline.

Please explain the three wallet system?

The member will see three wallets in their back office. The Purchase Wallet, Cash Wallet and Repurchase Wallet.

Purchase Wallet: All deposited funds will deposit into the Purchase Wallet. Purchase Wallet funds can only be used to purchase $2 ad packs and to PIF other members.

Cash Wallet: 75% of all earned matrix and matching bonus will deposit into the members Cash Wallet. Cash Wallet funds can be withdrawn or used to PIF other members.

Repurchase Wallet: 20% of all matrix and matching bonus will deposit into the Repurchase Wallet. The Repurchase Wallet will be automated and set to purchase additional ad packs for the member once the balance of the Repurchase Wallet exceeds $2.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, but the admins of Crypto Pros does not recommend doing this unless you are prepared to sponsor into the additional account you create. To create a new account you will need to use a different username and email address.

Is open for purchase by people from all countries?

Yes, since the product is advertising and delivered immediately and purchases and commissions are made with cryptocurrency members are welcome from all countries

Does offer refunds?

No, there are no refunds for any reason. Please make sure to read all details about the product(s), compensation plan, TOS, Privacy Policy, etc. before making a decision to purchase.

Who Owns is owned by Coinpressions, LLC, a Delaware registered LLC

Who Controls Coinpressions, LLC?

The controlling manager of Coinpressions, LLC is Frank Hester, an experienced network marketer and owner/admin who lives and works in Dallas, Texas, USA